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Transiens 1
Transiens 1
Oil, Oil Crayon & powdered pigment on Canvas
71" x 29"

Transiens Series 1987

This series of 6 paintings developed from travelling in the NYC subway... passing stations that were no longer stops, and having the light flicker in between the steel girders... It was in glimpsing the brief passages of a greater "movement" that inspired me to think of these "human" sized canvases as "doorways" that allow only a glimpse of what is beyond them or "on the other side" of the openings.
The use of pure powdered pigments, oil vs.water accidental qualities and my former experiments with color-movement works , culminated in these pairings... Ideally, 1&2, 3&4, & 5&6 are complete statements as well as the series all together